Welcome to Porncraft!

Here i will put up all porn / nude / sex / awesome mods for Minecraft you can use. 


Boobs mod (Works in Multiplayer)

This mod add "cubic girl's attributes" to players in game. It will make two boobs pop up at the players chest.

Penis mod (Works in Multiplayer)

Just like the mod above you will go in the menu and activate your penis. When done it will dingle around free when you move, really funny mod to prank friends.

Sex mode (Works in multiplayer)

This mode will allow you to have sex with people that also have this mode. 
How to use:
  • Send a reguest with "/sex username"
  • Other accept with "/sex username"
And than the player that sent the reguest will take a doggy stile position behind the other player and start humping.
Great to troll other people on the server, THEY CAN SEE IT TO!